Impact of Light on our Home


Light has a huge impact on how we feel and is a critical part of how we regenerate at home.

Ample natural light is not a luxury we all have - whether it's living in cloudy cities, to having a basement suite or urban apartment, to living north or south of the equator in the winter.

This makes it all the more important to talk, think, and act on lighting decisions when we are designing or decorating our interiors but is often the least paid attention to. This is actually the number 1 thing I work on in every design project. It makes the biggest difference that most people feel, rather than intellectually catch. I could probably fill a whole book, but what are we actually talking about?

I want to encourage everyone to consider the light in their home in a few dimensions (click on the headings to expand):

Now that you have learned about the 4 elements above: Light bulbs, time of day, how you are using the space, and the quality of the current light, you should take inventory of your current situation so you can create the plan for improving it.

Take a peak at this template to help you!

After all this, is the fun bit, of what style to purchase the lighting in!!

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